12 Bones BBQ Sexy Toilet

“BBQ Makes You Skinny,” says the hilarious sign in 12 Bones unisex washroom.

It’s not the first time we’ve read a tongue-in-cheek sign in a BBQ joint. What is it about BBQ and corny humor? You’d think 12 Bones would be above that sort of thing, especially considering its national reputation. One thing is certain, it didn’t rise to national prominence on the back of its restroom decor. The yellow walls and uninteresting layout make the trip to the restroom as dry as the sliced brisket we ate for lunch. If you pour on enough of that sweet, sticky 12 Bones’ sauce, everything tastes good. You could grill your boot, drench it in 12 Bones sauce, and someone would come by and a hang blue ribbon on it, assuming, of course, it were served under the imprimatur of 12 Bones. Still, there was some strange contraption jutting from the toilet paper holder, which raised our eyebrows and made us think, “Hey, this john isn’t completely without its charms.”  Decor = 5

Other than the door handle being a little sticky, the room was pretty clean. We were hoping to make a joke about the Dirty Dozen here, but we can’t. 12 Bones had been open less than an hour when we used the can, so it’s possible that by closing time (4pm) the situation gets more sticky and less clean. After all, who knows what might happen after every tourist in Asheville has cleaned their plate and emptied their bowels in 12 Bones’ johnny house.  Cleanliness = 6

We liked the fact that 12 Bones provides a full length mirror inside their washroom. If you have sauce dripping down the front of your shirt, that’s the time and place you want to make the discovery.  Amenities = 4

TOTAL = 15

12 Bones Toilet Asheville

Some weird thing at the end of the toilet paper holder in 12 Bones john.