lighting in Asheville public restroom

The restroom at One World Coffee is so continental.

Tucked away in the back of One World Coffee is a restroom whose visual aesthetics pop. Firstly, the room is painted a vibrant lime green. Next, the screen that divides the room is decorated in exotic scenes, painted in a contrasting red. The screen serves to break up the one-room affair and does so with style. Finally, the room glows with light from a hanging chandelier. Overall, we would describe the look of the room as odd, but in the most delightful way.  Decor = 7

The cafe does a brisk business, and, since we’ve spoken of the laxative powers of coffee before, we are pleased to report that One World Coffee is keeping a firm watch on their lavatory. No ugly accidents here.  Cleanliness = 7

Er, not so much.  Amenities = 2

Total = 16

Asheville Coffee shop public washroom

For those who like a little added privacy.