Asheville Public Toilet Decor MG Road

Decor inside MG Road’s Men’s Room in Asheville.

Decor is all about nice little touches. The men’s room at MG Road has several nice touches that we appreciate as bathroom connoisseurs.  For instance, there’s a candle in an alcove that immediately catches your eye upon entering the small but quaint facilities at MG Road. The tile is nice and the color scheme is appealing. It’s not overly dramatic or fancy, but we could tell some thought went into it. And that’s all we ask.  Decor = 8

Restrooms Asheville bars on a Saturday night can be dicey propositions, but MG Road’s was in tip-top shape when we entered around 10pm. This isn’t a hard road to travel, folks. This is like a drive down Mumbia’s Marine Drive–easy on the eyes. Speaking of roads, we assume MG Road is named for Mahatma Gandhi Road (also known as M.G. Road) in Bangalore, India. It runs east from Trinity Circle at one end to Anil Kumble circle at the other. Known as South Parade in pre-independence era, it was renamed as Mahatma Gandhi Road on 26 February 1948, according to Wikipedia. Please feel free to correct us if we’re wrong about this educated guess. Cleanliness = 6

This is where things fall apart. Sure, we talked about the cleanliness and the nice decorative touches, but, otherwise, there are no frills added to your elimination experience, which is a shame because we always like extras. Of course, we give points for easy to find restrooms (it was) and those located inconspicuously (it was) and for other intangibles such as if it gives us a good feeling to use the facilities (it did).  Amenities = 4

TOTAL = 18