Carmel's Restroom Grove Arcade Asheville Public Toilet

The pleasant but unimpressive restroom at Carmel’s in the Grove Arcade. Stay classy, Carmel’s.

We’re not saying the decor in Carmel’s men’s restroom in the Grove Arcade would make Old Man Grove roll in his grave, but it might bore old E.W. Grove to death, and we’re talking about a man who made his fortune selling “tasteless” chill tonic.  Maybe we need to chill. The fact is the restroom isn’t an eyesore. It’s nice in a nice sort of way. Decor = 5

After a busy night of restauranteering, the restrooms might not get the attention they deserve. At Carmel’s, on the night we visit, they were on top of things in the House of Ease department. The room wasn’t exactly fresh, but it wasn’t embarrassingly dirty, either. In fact, it was above average on the cleanliness scale, and we stand and applaud that fact on a busy Saturday night.  Cleanliness = 6

We like the clipboard with the cleaning schedule displayed for all to see. Stay classy, Carmel’s.  Amenities = 2

TOTAL = 13

Asheville Public Toilet Grove Arcade

Toilet at Carmel’s. Boring.