Poster of Flowers in public toilets in Ace Hardware in Asheville

Beautiful flowers to stare at while relieving yourself at Ace Hardware.

We weren’t expecting much from the women’s room at the North Asheville Ace Hardware, but we were pleasantly surprised by the decor presented. While the restroom here is more or less the same cookie cutter restroom you are likely accustomed to finding in a hardware store, Ace has put promotional posters to good use as decor. We especially liked the poster of the dahlias. There were a variety of other posters in the woman’s room as well. Plus, there was a spread of the weekly advert for Ace. Not bad for a hardware store. [Full disclosure: the father of one of the editors at Stallman’s Guide once owned an Ace in Chicago. Here’s an amusing post about his experience working in the store as a lad.]  Decor = 6

Among the many things available for purchase at Ace are cleaning supplies. The store has chosen to advertise these products by displaying them on a table inside the accessible stall. This also has the effect of making us feel that store actually uses these products in the restroom. Also, the john just seemed clean.  Cleanliness = 7

As we said, this restroom is quite nice for a hardware store restroom. It’s even a got a full length mirror, which is located on the inside of the accessible stall. In fact, we’d call this room an ace. It’s fun to note that Ace Hardware was named after the ace fighter pilots of World War I, according to Wikipedia.  Amenities = 6

Total = 19

Asheville Public restroom in an Ace Hardware

Mirror + Cleaning Supplies + Poster of Carhartt Socks = Ace