Tacos in Space wallpaper Asheville

Tacos in Space wallpaper at Mamacita’s.

Fans of this blog will recall that we had previously reviewed Mamacita’s restrooms in an earlier post. When we heard they had renovated their men’s restroom with “tacos in space” wallpaper, we had to go back for another look. Well, we weren’t disappointed with the new wallpaper. It is aces in our book.  Decor = 8

The old saying about lipstick on a pig sort of applies to Mamacita’s crapper. It wasn’t any cleaner on this time, a Taco Tuesday, than the last time, when it was just a regular burrito weekday. Still, this is no way a filthy john. It has the usual overflowing wastebasket and a little crud here and there.  Cleanliness = 5

The graffiti being added to the tacos on the wallpaper is definitely entertaining and we like to be entertained as we create a beautifully conceived grunt sculpture.  Amenities = 5

TOTAL = 18

Overflowing red waste paper can Asheville

The red can in Mamacita’s men’s room overflows.


Taco Tuesday Mamacita's Asheville

Taco Tuesday at Mamacita’s in Asheville