Asheville Public Toilet The Market Place

The stall inside the men’s room at The Market Place in downtown Asheville.

Right above a badly installed switch-plate in the men’s crap palace at The Market Place, there’s a picture of a sad cow about to get clobbered by a butcher. We’re not fans of making fun of animal slaughtering, especially if a slab of said animal was just on our dinner plate. We guess The Market Place figures if chunks of that deceased animal are about to evacuate your colon, why not have a hearty laugh at its expense? Humph. We’re not a fan of this restroom. The yellow tiles and wall color remind us of cheap mustard. We’re looking at you French’s.  Decor = 3

If you look closely at the stall, you’ll notice a spigot with some schmutz under it. There’s also a crumpled piece of used toilet paper on the commode lid. Yes, we’ve been in dirtier johns, but The Market Place is thought of as classy joint or at least that’s how we thought of it. Is the Market Place going to seed? Based on their restroom, maybe.  Cleanliness = 5

We liked the fact that The Market Place’s water is heated by the sun. And the management was kind enough to point that out by putting that info in a frame on the sink next to the faucets. We scanned the room for other niceties, but were left wanting.  Amenities = 4

TOTAL = 12

Asheville Solar Water The Market Place Toilet

Solar water sign at The Market Place.


Asheville Public Toilet Decor

Decor inside The Market Place’s Men’s Room.