Hand-crafted light switch in Asheville public restroom

Cutesy and Crafted light plate in the restroom at Fired Up.

Fired Up on Asheville’s Wall Street is a self-called “Creative Lounge.” We didn’t exactly feel like lounging in their restroom, but we would certainly classify it as creative. It felt a little like stumbling into someone’s crafty aunt’s personal toilet. We give them credit for having lots of decor, but, unfortunately, it all seemed a bit haphazard. The common theme is crafted, but each crafted element seems disparate from the other.  For instance, the top of the toilet is covered in stones and dog-related tiles. Meanwhile, on the walls, there was a display of painted plates. Light switch plates and electrical outlet plates had been painted, too. So, Fired Up has their decor bases covered. But there was also shelving containing cleaning supplies, and, we suspect, anything they couldn’t fit in their main “lounge.”  Decor = 8

The cleanliness was in keeping with the relaxed lounge vibe. The room doesn’t feel antiseptic but it certainly doesn’t feel dirty. If you’ve got mysophobia, you can always do your own wipe down with the antibacterial wipes provided.  Cleanliness = 6

Of the many hand-crafted items in this room is a painted soap pump that warmly informs, “Clean Hands Give Us Pure Hearts,” which is a lyric from a religious song titled, unsurprisingly, Clean Hands.  Amenities = 5

Total = 19

Feeling inspired to paint your own plate? They're dishwasher safe.

Feeling inspired to paint your own plate? They’re dishwasher safe.


Hand-decorated toilet in Asheville public restroom

Must love dogs.