Asheville restaurant public washroom

The open expanse of Chestnut’s ladies’ room.

We love the black and white tile on the floor of Chestnut’s women’s room. We’re sold on the tiling. But there are other elements in this downtown Asheville eatery’s restrooms that caught our eye, including the walls, which feature framed historical photographs from downtown Asheville’s past. The stalls are shut with crisp white doors that are proper doors, not flimsy swinging boards of plastic. Inside of the accessible stall is a lovely piece of wooden cabinetry. The delightful tiles are simply the element that pulls the room together.  Decor = 8

We would certainly expect a fine dining restaurant like Chestnut to have clean restrooms. It did.  Cleanliness = 7

We’ve seen a lot of baby changing tables in our journey through Asheville’s lavatories, from the standard plastic model attached to the wall to the truly bizarre, so we feel confident saying that Chestnut has one of the nicest changing tables we’ve seen. Unsure about whether it’s appropriate to bring your baby to a restaurant like Chestnut? Well, they clearly are waiting for you and your baby.  Amenities = 6

Total = 21

changing table in Asheville public restroom

A delightful spot to lay your baby down.

Asheville public restroom

Well, hello ladies.