Flowers decorate the entrance to an Asheville restaurant public restroom

Welcome to you restroom experience at Thai Orchid.

It wouldn’t be exactly right to call the decor in the unisex washroom at Suwana’s Thai Orchid a mish-mash though we had the sense that the room was put together from items collected at yard sales. Regardless, there is definitely a theme–orchids. Artificial purple orchids even greet you at the door to the restroom. Inside the washroom is a large painting of orchids. Upon close inspection of the painting, we found a small bit of patron-added graffiti. There is also a framed drawing of an animal in a handbag hanging behind the toilet; a vase of more artificial flowers (not orchids); and, a real potted plant.  Decor = 6

If you are looking for a restroom that gets a regular deep cleaning, then you probably want to look somewhere else. We suspect the small corners of this washroom stay pretty dusty. But the prominent surfaces were clean enough. And, no, it wasn’t hot enough to grow orchids inside.  Cleanliness = 4

Orchids, unfortunately, are not amenities. There’s no special upgrades and that’s a shame.  Amenities = 4

Total = 13

fish-eye view of Asheville unisex public restroom

Fish-eye view of the unisex restroom.

Found in Asheville public restroom

Hello there little buddy!