Asheville public washroom

Soap options at Sisters of Mercy Urgent Care on Hendersonville Road.

We recently found ourselves at the Sisters of Mercy Urgent Care on Hendersonville Road. (In case you are concerned, we’re fine.) While there we felt the urgent need to check out the toilet situation. It’s pretty much exactly what you might expect from such a washroom. This type of decor could be described as anti-septic. It’s not that we would want to see lots of decor or graffiti at the urgent care, but a neutral painting a la Jonas Gerard might be nice. We hope all the money they are saving on decor is going toward reducing health care costs.  Decor = 2

Well, it’s clean, which was a huge relief. We would probably refuse treatment there if we found dirty restrooms–depending on the severity of our emergency, of course.  Cleanliness = 8

The urgent care has provided a plethora of soap choices: two soap pumps, plus an automatic soap dispenser on the wall. There are also spare rolls of TP of an unfamiliar brand called “Preference.” We prefer other brands, Sisters.  Amenities = 5

Total = 15

It's the preferred choice.

It’s the preferred choice.