Men's room sign at Wicket Weed is King Hank. His dead wives adorn the women's room door. Funny and smart!

Men’s room sign at Wicket Weed is King Hank. His dead wives adorn the women’s room door. Funny and smart!

The management at Wicked Weed have a wicked sense of humor, and we love them for it. The door to the men’s room features a nice image of old King Henry, while the door to the woman’s lavatory features images of the wives he beheaded. This certainly ranks with the most clever bathroom designation signs we’ve seen in Asheville. Once through the door of the men’s room, we liked what we saw. Wicked Weed selected door hardware on the men’s stall that would have made Henry smile. (We don’t think he was a smiley sort of guy, generally.)  Decor = 8

Wicked Weed is cleaning up when it comes to hoovering money from the tourist’s pockets. And, bully for them, they don’t stop there–they keep their house of convenience nice and tidy.  Cleanliness = 6

While heavy-duty hardware on the stall door is cool and all, it doesn’t really add that much to the overall restroom experience. We’re keen to enjoy all sort of extras in our crappers so that we’re disheartened to report that Wicked Weed hasn’t really added all that many bells and whistles to their shithouse.  Amenities = 3

TOTAL = 17

Wicked Weed Woman's Room Door Decor Asheville

The dead wives of King Henry VIII on the women’s room door at Wicked Weed


Hardware Asheville Public Toilet

Heavy duty hardware inside the men’s room at Wicked Weed.