sticky floor found in Asheville public restroom

Looks like a useful flytrap in Krispy Kreme’s (on Patton Avenue) restroom.

This is the type of restroom you’ve seen in nearly every fast food joint you’ve ever visited. What is the deal with the universal brown fast food floor tiles? They aren’t particularly attractive, and they are especially not attractive when covered with viscous fall-out from doughnuts. Frankly, the sticky goo was the most visually gripping part of the room.  Decor = 2

We visited KKs on National Doughnut Day, and, boy, were people lining up for their free syrupy doughnut. It is undoubtedly one of Krispy Kreme’s busiest days of the year, so perhaps we should give this KK outlet a bit of slack. But, jeez, these were some of the dirtiest floors we’ve encountered in our toilet travels through Asheville. Are people eating their doughnuts in the restroom?! We hope not but clues suggest otherwise. The floor was so sticky, in fact, that we our shoes stuck to the floor a bit with each step.  Cleanliness = 1

Unless you consider a sweet-tasting floor an amenity, and we shudder at the thought, this room is devoid of anything worthy of calling a value added feature.  Amenities = 1

Total = 4

Asheville public restroom

Get in and out as fast as you can.