Art Print found in Asheville public restroom

The wines at Sante make you feel real good.

The framed print in Sante’s small unisex washroom is what we like to call a statement piece. It features a nude woman with flowing red hair hanging onto a bicycle, which seems to have sprouted wings where the pedals would normally be and is hence flying through space. It is of course a “European-style” wine bar, according to Sante’s marketing literature, which might help explain the risque litho, but, perhaps, the artist or whoever hung it or both were drunk? There isn’t much else to see in this room, aside from a vaguely sculptural display on the wall behind the toilet, where you’ll find a spare roll of TP. Fine by us. We don’t need anything else, except perhaps a glass of whatever wine the woman in the picture was drinking.  Decor = 7

On the Saturday evening we popped into the loo to relieve ourselves of our Petite Syrah, we found the room quite respectably clean. Of course, everything looks cleaner through besotted eyes.  Cleanliness = 6

We already mentioned the spare roll on the questionable sculpture. That’s about all there was, folks, in terms of value-added items–one extra roll of toilet paper. We suppose Sante wants to make sure you get back to your vino quickly.  Amenities = 3

Total = 16

Asheville public toilet

Toilet paper/Art


Mirror in Asheville public washroom

Fetching mirror.