Black bird at Blackbird Asheville

A Black Bird hangs in the restroom at its namesake restaurant in Asheville.

There’s a perplexed look on the face of the Black Bird in the painting that hangs in the men’s restroom at Blackbird. Our expression was almost as bewildered as the bird’s when we entered to find a room less impressive than the rest of the joint’s decor. No, sir, this isn’t a bad looking bathroom; it’s just that Blackbird bills itself as “serving upmarket plates,” so, when we used their bathroom, we expected it to be upmarket, too. Yet, we know of at least one grocery store in Asheville with nicer public facilities. But let’s return to our friend the Black Bird in the picture. We like him so we’re going to give the whole room a better than average score when it comes to decor. After all, there is also a nice cabinet, some air freshener, and a solid looking waste receptacle in the room, too.  Decor = 6

This is a nice, fresh room. It was tidy and well-kept just as we’d expect it to be in a quality establishment like Blackbird.  Cleanliness = 6

An antique (or faux antique) piece of furniture in a men’s room is always a nice touch. We like that Blackbird added it to their house of ease. Beyond that item, there’s not much to recommend it. It lacks a lot of the things we see in upmarket public restrooms. We were unimpressed with the bonus offerings.  Amenities = 5

TOTAL = 17

Asheville Public Toilet Blackbird

Cabinet and trash can inside the restroom at Blackbird.


Asheville Public Toilet Sink Mirror

Sink and mirror at the Blackbird in Asheville.