A streak of blood (we assume) across the men's room stall wall at Yoshidos Steak House.

A streak of blood (we assume) across the men’s room stall wall at Yoshidos Steak House.

The interior of Yoshido’s men’s restroom is overpoweringly white, which is why a gigantic schmear of bloody snot on the side of the toilet stall wall is so overwhelmingly disgusting and apparent. Yet, here’s the rub, it is the only passable element of decor in the entire john. Yes, we said it, a bloody snot schmear passes as art in this pasty white house of convenience. Still, we have to give Yoshido our lowest mark for decor. After all, we can’t go around encouraging people to dig deeply into their sinus cavities, produce a blood soaked hunk of booger, and wipe it all over the walls. That would be irresponsible. Decor = 1

Let’s face it, folks, an enormous blood stain on the wall of the toilet stall isn’t a good sign when it comes to cleanliness. The good news is that was the only bloody mess we found. Chin up, Yoshido. Cleanliness = 3

If you’ve read this far and held down your lunch, than you’re not going to be surprised to learn that there weren’t any amenities in Yoshido’s toire. Amenities = 1


Asheville Public Toilet White

White meets ugly in Yoshio’s restroom in Asheville. We’ve seen nicer facilities at interstate rest areas.


Asheville public toilet urinal

Your basic white urinal in Yoshido’s crapper. (Not shown is a blotch of unidentified ooze on the floor under said urinal.)