Our goal is simple: to help you find relief in Asheville.

We rate public bathroom facilities based on three criteria: Decor, Cleanliness, and Amenities. Decor and Cleanliness is self explanatory. Amenities cover intangible items such as location, special or useful features, and the pleasantness of the space.

The ratings are as follows:

9-10 extraordinary to perfection
7-8 very good to excellent
5-6 good to very good
3-4 fair to good
0 – 2 poor to fair

Stallman’s editorial team selects the facilities that will be covered on stallmansguide.com. Any establishment in Asheville that offers public access to washroom facilities may be included. Our review is strictly our opinion at the time of our visit and do not necessarily reflect the general condition of the restrooms reviewed at all times. Everything published on this site is a statement of opinion.

13 thoughts on “About Us

  1. A couple that I think would be of interest for you to check out:

    Battle Cat – Haywood Rd, West Asheville. A lot of poets who visit here…

    Midway Tavern – Hendersonville Rd south at Buncombe Henderson line. Art in restrooms…

    • We have dozens of great suggestions coming in from all quarters. We will definitely make a point to visit the places you’ve suggested. Stay tuned…

  2. I love the idea of checking out bathrooms.
    One suggestion I have often made of owners in restaurants, grocery stores –
    Provide a place where customers can put their purse or coat when using the bathroom. More often than not, there is not even a hook on the stall door for a purse or coat. Then when you’re washing your hands, there is also no where to set your personal items aside. Sometimes there is even a large open area when a table could be placed, but it remains empty.

    Fresh Market on Merrimon Avenue is a good example of providing the necessary items (at least in the ladies room).

    I’m not sure why restaurant owners have not thought of this need unless its because they and their workers are hands free when they go into the bathroom. They forget that their customers are not. We cannot leave our items at a table if we are alone so we have to take them with us.

    I appreciate your service. Thanks.

    • Thanks for the astute point about offering a place to set personal items down in restrooms. We’ve seen a few good examples, such as at West Village Market and The Book Exchange, you might want to read those reviews or check out the washrooms in personal. We’ll add this to our checklist of amenities as we continue to crawl through hundreds and hundreds of Asheville toilets.

  3. When I read the piece in the CT, I mistakenly assumed that the site would really be about “public” restrooms, rather than those available to patrons or the bold (if not the beautiful). Thus, as a baseline, I would like to suggest you make a concerted effort to identify and inspect the various, truly public restrooms, such as the one in the main Asheville library (Pack Memorial Library, 67 Haywood St), the one by the Police substation in the arcade to the Rankin Garage (27 Haywood), etc.
    Then we can move on to the swank, the swell, the absolutely disgusting, etc.
    Gotta go!

    • This is a great observation. Something we’ve talked about amongst ourselves at Stallman’s. We have a wider array of public restrooms coming up but we plan to review a whole lot more in the future. Thanks for making a helpful suggestion and astute observation.

  4. Just so you know, the ladies bathroom here has pink walls and beige tile. Don’t know why the tile shows up green in your photo, but we never would’ve painted the walls pink if the tile were green. Trying to keep it clean and tidy for the ladies.

  5. Hello, I am curious if you have looked in to public facilities that are available for non-patrons of a place. Also, how about public restrooms that are available for homeless/houseless individuals? I live Asheville and have starting to collaborate with PHLUSH in Portland, Oregon. They are working to improve options for those who do not have a access to water, sanitation, and hygiene. I am starting to conduct some research on the situation here in Asheville and would love to have a conversation. Cheers, Joyell

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