Jimmy John’s John is Jimmyrific

Walking downtown one warm evening, after consuming an inordinate amount of water (wink), we stumbled into Jimmy John’s in search of relief. We asked the counter person if we could use the bathroom, and, without blinking, they said, “sure.” It’s niceties like that which enable us to overlook the fact that decor-wise there’s not much […]

The Lifeless Restrooms at Burial Beer

Think plywood. That’s the overwhelmingly impression we had of the restrooms at Burial Beer. The interior decor is dominated by plywood from stall doors to dividers. It’s not attractive. It’s not hip. It’s just cheap looking. The entrance is weathered and interesting, which saves the day in terms of decorative appeal.  Decor = 4 Things […]

Bunt on Denny’s Grand Slam Restroom

When it comes to decor, Denny’s wasn’t exactly swinging for the fences in their men’s restroom. The tile job had been wrecked in several places by the removal of some object from the wall that had once been glued down. The problem was the glue didn’t get removed when the item did. This john won’t […]