The Crisp Restroom at Chestnut

We love the black and white tile on the floor of Chestnut’s women’s room. We’re sold on the tiling. But there are other elements in this downtown Asheville eatery’s restrooms that caught our eye, including the walls, which feature framed historical photographs from downtown Asheville’s past. The stalls are shut with crisp white doors that […]

The Tipsy Toilet at Sante Wine Bar

The framed print in Sante’s small unisex washroom is what we like to call a statement piece. It features a nude woman with flowing red hair hanging onto a bicycle, which seems to have sprouted wings where the pedals would normally be and is hence flying through space. It is of course a “European-style” wine […]

The Crafty Restroom at Fired Up

Fired Up on Asheville’s Wall Street is a self-called “Creative Lounge.” We didn’t exactly feel like lounging in their restroom, but we would certainly classify it as creative. It felt a little like stumbling into someone’s crafty aunt’s personal toilet. We give them credit for having lots of decor, but, unfortunately, it all seemed a […]